A little bit about me (as an Interper and Writer)...

During my time as a student at Creekview High School in Carrollton, Texas, I competed in HI, DI, Duet Acting, and Poetry under the guidance of Demond Wilson. Interp was the foundation for the beginning of my journey as an artist and some of my longest-lasting friendships are because of those long weekends of storytelling and Frito Pie. I know first-hand how challenging (and time-consuming!) it can be to find a piece that's not only new, fresh and relevant, but that's also the right fit for your strengths and interests.

That's why I'd love the opportunity to help you tell a compelling story that is tailor-made for you. Fill out the form below if you'd like to get the conversation started about commissioning a piece that will get you one step closer to taking your place at the top.

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